Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sophie McKenzieSophie McKenzie
1st time pass
I found learning to drive with Alan to be a great experience. He not only helped to teach me to drive in a way that would help me to pass my test but also how to drive in life, knowledge that I hope to put to use now I have passed my test. With his help I was able to pass my test first time and I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Natasha BuchananNatasha Buchanan
1st time pass
Alan was a friendly and helpful driving instructor. He helped by answering all my questions and reassured me when needed. He always made me feel confident and I always looked forward to my lessons. He’s a great instructor.

Jack SlessorJack Slessor
1st time pass
Alan was a brilliant instructor and I feel very lucky that I was recommended to him. From my very first lesson he put me at ease and understood me well and was very friendly. I was not worried about asking for instructions from him and I also felt relaxed during lessons which was a worry of mine before beginning lessons. Alan was very clear when giving instructions which made me feel more confident in what I was doing. Also, if I wanted to get in contact with him he would respond very quickly. I would 100% recommend Alan to anyone who is a beginner like I was.

Rachele FletcherRachele Fletcher
I’m happy for Alan has been so patient with his teaching. When I started, I was so nervous that I was in tears the first time I moved off! However, Alan was so reassuring and kind and made me feel completely at ease, and I’m now a confident driver, and am happy to drive on my own - this is all down to Alan! He is so patient and never got frustrated or annoyed when I made silly mistakes such as stalling. The way he taught manoeuvres means it is second nature to me, and I’m confident to handle any situation on the road safely and independently! Overall such a great, calm and kind instructor and so amazing with anxious people - I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive safely for life!

Daniel EwenDaniel Ewen
1st time pass
After making almost no progress with my previous instructor, I switched to Alan and immediately made a large amount of progress, his was very direct and straight to the point during lessons made me remember the mistakes I made and also he was very good at explaining how things work on the road which helped me plan ahead and get a better understanding of how to react to certain situations and what to expect from other drivers. Thanks for helping me pass first time :)

Holly BirnieHolly Birnie
1st time pass
I recently passed my driving test first time with the help of Alan as my instructor. He was clear in his instructions and always answered my questions in detail to help my understanding. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Findlay StuartFindlay Stuart
1st Time Pass
I thought that Alan's instructions were very clear and easy to follow. His calm and friendly manner made me feel at ease from my first lesson right the way through to my test. I felt like I made good progress with each lesson under Alan's instruction due to his methods of teaching. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone.

Liam AllanLiam Allan
1st Time Pass
I would just like to thank Alan very much for all the patience he showed whilst I was learning to drive. I was so anxious and nervous before my first lesson and Alan very quickly put me at ease. Alan explained everything in a way I understood without making me feel silly. I would highly recommend Alan as your instructor, especially if you are feeling at all nervous about learning to drive.

Joseph BeckJoseph Beck
1st time pass
Alan was an excellent instructor. He taught me loads of useful skills and helped me feel confident about my own driving as well as perfectly preparing me for my test. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kiam GerrieKiam Gerrie
1st time pass
Thank you for helping me pass my driving test. I would recommend Alan to anyone who are looking to pass their test in the shortest time possible.

Adam ThomAdam Thom
1st time pass
Alan has been a great driving instructor as he has been so patient and made me feel comfortable every lesson I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive as I passed on my first attempt thanks to him.

Lola ZhouLola Zhou
I think I am lucky to find Alan finally, he is a highly qualified instructor has an abundance experience in teaching driving. From lessons time and practice route, Alan always gives his customer the best solution, that helps people to save plenty of money and time, all my ex instructors were never able to do this, or they won`t do it. Alan is the pride of the driving instructors in Aberdeen, if my friends ask me about an instructor, Alan is the only one I would recommend. The LDC driving book I have read is also very good to let people understand about driving more easily. I will recommend the book to my friends when I recommend Alan to them. All my expenses at the LDC school are reasonable and efficient throughout the learning process. Customers can feel the profesionalism of the company.

Rui DunningRui Dunning
Alan has helped me to pass my driving test in my own relatively big car which is not easy to do the manoeuvres. Alan is a brillant instructor as he has 11 years of experience and he will know how to teach you and improve your skills straight away. Every lesson I had is highly structured and organised. The lessons from Alan cover every aspect of driving tests I need to know and more. He has prepared me very well to the driving test standard therefore I did feel more comfortable with the real test condition. I have four friends who were/ are learning driving with Alan and he definitely is one of best driving instructors we have encountered and so far three of us has passed the test not long after the structured lessons. I really appreciated his help so I became a licensed driver in a relatively short time.

Sarah ChristieSarah Christie
1st time pass
Alan is a fantastic instructor, he is clear and very patient. I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better teacher. Passed my theory and test first time. All down to his teaching. His experience and his background make him the perfect person to teach to safe, confident driving skills. I would highly recommended him to any and all I can. Really cannot thank him enough.

Hannah GlenHannah Glen
Thank you so much for everything you done for me for helping me pass my test. You made me feel so confident and comfortable on every lesson and you reassured me every lesson up to my test that I could do this. Thank you so much Alan.

Steven LeeSteven Lee
1st time pass
Alan was very quick to respond when I first got in touch. Alan always made sure my questions or anything I was not sure about was answered. I would recommend Alan because he was very helpful in covering the different manoeuvres thoroughly with me, getting me up to standard to drive confidently on various routes and solid advice for areas of improvement.

Matthew OwenMatthew Owen
1st time pass
I really enjoyed my learning experience with Alan. He raised my confidence and made the lessons enjoyable and interesting. I also appreciated that he was patient and approachable. Thanks for helping me pass first time!

Qian ShanQian Shan
1st time pass
Alan is a friendly and patient instructor. He guided me driving through different routes and explained every mistake I made. I am grateful to him for being supportive and encouraging when I was nervous and less confident. I did two lessons with Alan every week starting from April and just passed the test on my first attempt. More importantly, I am a safe and independent driver now, thanks to Alan. I am very pleased with my experience and would highly reccomend Alan to everyone.

Adam BarrieAdam Barrie
1st Time Pass
I could drive before but I didn’t know the ropes which I needed shown. Then I was shown the ropes and I wouldn’t have passed if I wasn’t given such exact detail of how to drive in different situations and circumstances. I couldn’t be more grateful, I’ve been given a very good driving instructor.

Daniel ClarkDaniel Clark
1st time pass
Before starting my lessons and only been a biker, driving a car was very daunting. However that changes when you step into a car with Alan. He will make you feel confident and safe when driving. Taking the lesson at a steady pace and going with what you are confident in doing.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler
1st Time Pass
Alan has been an excellent instructor. I was very impressed at the way he listened and understood me as an individual and I felt he tailored lessons to suit my learning needs. For me, feeling comfortable and confident and calm after I made mistakes was the main thing holding me back from progress. My previous instructor had been quite harsh and I felt tense around her so I found it hard to engage in lessons and focus. Alan is so nice and clear in his instructions that I soon got over this and began to enjoy driving. The LDC book was a helpful resource to refer to between lessons and if I had any questions (ie. what to bring to the practical exam) I could get in touch with Alan at any time and he was quick to reply. He made sure I was familiar with the possible test routes from the start which was also very useful. All in all, I found lessons with Alan to be reliable, clear, progress-making, student focused and most of all enjoyable. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Alan has been a fantastic instructor. I've been helped immensely by his experienced advice on both general driving techniques and individually tricky roads, junctions, and roundabouts, along with the fact that he's remained thoroughly encouraging the whole way through. Thank you so much, Alan!

Byron NelsonByron Nelson
I would recommend you to any new learner driver who is wanting to pass as you are very easy to get along with, very knowledgeable, and very calm. thanks for helping me pass my test, it was nice to meet you

Lloyd BarclayLloyd Barclay
Alan is a great instructor that enabled me to grow confidence in myself as a driver. His lessons prepared me very well for my practical driving test which allowed me to pass without any problems. The resources provided gave me clear understanding of what I needed to learn and helped me to achieve my pass.

Qing luoQing luo
Alan, you are a responsible and patient instructor and can point out my problems and correct them. I really appreciated it.

Amy StewartAmy Stewart
1st Time Pass
Because of Alan I passed first time as he was a really good driving instructor, he was so patient with me and explained everything clearly so I was confident on what I was doing. He was very flexible with the days. I highly recommend Alan as a driving instructor.

Aidan ColquhounAidan Colquhoun
Alan, from day one, has been a great driving instructor being calm and patient with me. He explains everything in a way in which it is very easy to understand as he uses both visual aids as well as informative instruction. Before and after each lesson he would go over what we were going to do/what was accomplished on the lesson. A LDC Workbook was provided with the lessons which Alan would often refer to and also provide work to do at home so you could read up on the manoeuvre you would be working on during the next lesson. Through learning to drive with Alan I was able to pass my driving test with just 3 minors which I was extremely over the moon with. Alan had a very friendly personality and was very easy to trust as you felt safe when you were driving with him.

Annie BrownAnnie Brown
1st Time Pass
Alan was a patient and good instructor who helped improve my confidence in driving. He was flexible in arranging lesson timings and knew when I was ready to take my test. I am delighted to have passed first time under Alan’s guidance on a snowy, icy day in January. Thanks once again,

Rory Joe SmithRory Joe Smith
Learning with Alan was not only good due to his vast knowledge and experience it was also made all the easier with his calm and relaxed personality and I would most definitely recommend Alan to anyone looking to learn to do it with him.

Anna MathesonAnna Matheson
Alan is a very patient instructor. He explained things well and made me feel comfortable. This was important, as I had very little opportunity to drive other than at my lessons. I have recommended Alan to friends looking to find an instructor.

Gavin SmithGavin Smith
1st Time Pass
Alan was a fantastic instructor. He was very patient, informative and friendly. He was very quick to identify where you were going wrong and helping you to correct it in good time. His advice and guidance were always perfect. I felt more than prepared for my test when it came time for it. I could not recommend Alan enough to anyone looking to take lessons.

Maria HudsonMaria Hudson
1st Time Pass
Alan is definitely the best instructor I could find. It was not easy for me to find the right instructor, but Alan made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving from the very first lesson. He was very patient and explained things in a very clear/easy way, he corrected me when I made mistakes without making me feel nervous. His directions for all the manoeuvres were spot on and it made them seem so easy. In every lesson we drove around the Test Center and along similar routes that we used during the test. Alan not only helped me to pass the test the first time, he also made me a better driver. I cannot thank Alan enough for all his help in the last weeks. I would definitely recommend Alan to anyone looking to pass the driving test.

Calum MaclureCalum Maclure
1st Time Pass
I found Alan to be an excellent driving instructor. He was very patient and had no issues with explaining I did not quite understand. He also has a very good knowledge of the driving test and let me know exactly what to expect which meant I was very calm and prepared when it came to the test and I passed first time. He provided extra materials including the LDC book and a list of" show me tell me" questions which allowed me to go over the material at home to further prepare me. When I first started driving I found it very stressful but thanks to Alan I overcame this and was able to get a great result on my test. This is why I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.

Catherine MacEwanCatherine MacEwan
1st Time Pass
I found alan to be good at preparing me specifically for driving in the test and he always pushed me onto the next stage at a good pace meaning I always felt like I was improving. Thank you for getting me passed and hope you continue having success with pupils. Catherine

Iona ColquhounIona Colquhoun
1st Time Pass
Alan is a very calm and collected instructor. He knows when to push you but also is aware when to do so. In situations when I became anxious and stressed he was able to calm me down and helped to build my confidence when driving through wise and encouraging words. When I first stared driving I felt as though I was in very safe hands and that when I made mistakes he was able to react quickly and ensure the safety of us as well as other road users.

Yi Yu ChenYi Yu Chen
Alan is great coach. He is a friendly person and patient person. When I made a mistake in school car he is corrected patient explanation in time.that's let me quickly understood .I do not know how to express your help ,all thanks in words.everything in thank you.and l am always happy with you when I learn driving in your car.Thanks lots again.

Sam GriffithsSam Griffiths
1st Time Pass
Alan was an excellent instructor, he was very patient and understanding and helped me perfect my driving. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive because he makes driving fun. The resources provided to help prepare for my Theory Test and my Driving Test were very good and easy to understand.

Mitchell CowieMitchell Cowie
Just like to say a big thanks to Alan for his help and assistance throughout my learning and insuring that I passed my driving test. I would highly recommend Alan and his driving school to others.

Milly LeggettMilly Leggett
1st Time Pass
Alan was really good with lots of useful tips, he was very patient, calm and always encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alan to others.

Matt GordonMatt Gordon
1st Time Pass
Great instructor with all the knowledge and experience to give his pupils enough training to pass first time. He's honest, reliable and respectable to each and everyone's needs. Would definitely recommend!

Zoe HolmesZoe Holmes
Alan is an amazing instructor. He is very calm and patient through lessons. He helped me build my confidence on the road. I would highly recommend him as an instructor.

Kamal N`DowKamal N`Dow
1st Time Pass
Alan is a really good instructor and can't recommend highly enough. Doesn't just get you ready to pass the test but also makes you a very safe and aware driver all around.

Keiron TumiowiczKeiron Tumiowicz
1st Time Pass
Alan I'd give you a solid 5/5! I found you easy to talk to and very friendly. You had a brilliant attitude and were absolutely fantastic with feedback and explaining what went wrong and how to fix it. Very good at settling nerves and have a great car to learn in.

Finley RobertsonFinley Robertson
1st Time pass
Alan, thank you so much for being a great driving instructor. Helped me so much and guided me through my lessons very well. I Would have no hesitation on recommending your driving school to anyone. Thank you for getting me through my driving test first time.

Danny TaylorDanny Taylor
1st Time pass
Alan is an excellent instructor and is very patient when teaching. He gives clear advice and direction on how to become a safe driver. He conducts his lessons in a very friendly manner. He has helped to build up my confidence whilst driving, and made the whole experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to drive. Thank you Alan.

George ChalmersGeorge Chalmers
1st Time pass
As a driving instructor Alan managed to teach me in a safe and progressive way while also making sure I am driving to my best abilities. He managed to get me to my test with a first time Pass and did not rush getting the test while making sure it was done as soon as I was ready to pass.

Matthew GardenMatthew Garden
1st Time pass
Alan was very helpful to me whilst learning to drive. Giving me valuable insight to safety and how to better myself as a driver. He’s friendly enough and makes your lessons as comfortable as possible for you too.

Sophie BuchananSophie Buchanan
1st Time pass
Alan is a great instructor and is always very patient and encouraging on driving lessons. He helped me to feel confident driving and would take the time to help me understand things that I was unsure of. I was very happy to pass my test first time and would recommend him very highly.

Ross DoddsRoss Dodds
1st Time pass
Thank you Alan for helping me pass first time! I would recommend Alan to anyone. He constantly gives you great advice. After every lesson you feel like you are progressing. Thank you again.

Leah WatersLeah Waters
1st Time pass
Alan has been a pleasure to be with for the 7 lessons! i changed instructor mid way through and he built my confidence and made me at ease making me pass with 1 minor first time. Will be 100% recommending him to everyone.

Jack BeckJack Beck
1st Time pass
Alan was a great driving instructor. He was calm and clear at all times during my lessons and I never once felt out of my depth while driving with him. He was very helpful throughout the process and learning to drive with him was a very enjoyable experience.

Dillon GriffinDillon Griffin
A very patient instructor who provides clear explanation and guidance on driving. Excellent knowledge of routes and well timed lessons.

Danielle SteedmanDanielle Steedman
After years of putting off learning to drive due to lack of confidence I quickly found that confidence with Alan. He is an amazing instructor who is always professional and calm. He made learning to drive enjoyable and not as daunting as I thought it would be. I will recommend Alan to everyone I know looking to learn how to drive. Thank you so much Alan!

Ben RickardBen Rickard
Alan is a very patient instructor and you can rely on him to keep you safe when driving and improve your skills. He is nice and a good laugh as well as strict when he needs to be. I recommend him as a driving instructor for these reasons.

Harry WadeHarry Wade
1st time pass
A great driving instructor, very supportive and patient, would highly recommend.

Erin JohnstonErin Johnston
1st time pass
Passed 1st time. Thank you to Alan from LDC. You are a legend.

Matthew LawsonMatthew Lawson
Alan was a great instructor. He gave calm, quality information throughout my lessons and taught me to get out of the bad habits I found myself in. He told me crucial information I needed to pass my test and and showed me unique tricks to make the manoeuvres easier and safer. I enjoyed the experience of learning with him and would recommend Allan as an instructor to all types of drivers!

Kayleigh McKenzieKayleigh McKenzie
1st Time pass
You’ve been a great instructor, you give clear instruction, are patient and helped keep me calm.

Ross DuncanRoss Duncan
1st Time pass
From my first to my last lesson, Alan was an excellent instructor and was very patient and encouraging with me. He is easy to get on with and made the whole learning experience less daunting. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and anyone else who is learning to drive.

Viktoria EricssonViktoria Ericsson
1st Time pass
I never thought I could learn how to drive and pass my first test in four weeks time, but thanks to Alan’s outstanding teaching, support and patience, it was made possible. Alan was very good at anticipating and judging my progress, and so the pace of learning was perfect, which made the whole experience pleasant. As I’m busy studying and working, it was great to have Alan plan everything, and all I had to do was listen, practice and learn. I will recommend Alan to anyone who is looking for an organised and straightforward way to learn how to drive.

Helen McKayHelen McKay
1st Time pass
Alan is a brilliant instructor with an abundance of patience. He carefully plans each lesson and gives you a vast amount of encouragement. I was very pleased to pass my test 1st time and couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Calum RichmondCalum Richmond
Alan was a great instructor who was always very patient and calm during my driving lessons. He helped a lot in building up my driving confidence and made learning to drive easy and enjoyable.

Callum MersonCallum Merson
1st Time pass
Alan went above and beyond the teaching required to get me through my test. This allowed me to be more confident and comfortable with driving overall! His patience and understanding when mistakes are made mean you recover quicker and can focus on getting it right next time. I would definitely recommend Alan for anyone who is looking to learn to drive in the area.

Fraser LoweFraser Lowe
1st Time Pass
Alan is an excellent instructor and a very friendly man, his calm approach and his explanations of the rules of the road really help to develop confidence behind the wheel.

Lauren NicholsonLauren Nicholson
1st Time Pass
Alan is a very patient and professional driving instructor, he helped me become more confident in myself whilst driving and made driving a much more enjoyable experience.

Timothy BrittenTimothy Britten
1st Time Pass
Alan was a great instructor, clearly knows what he is doing and was very helpful when answering my questions.

Sean SangsterSean Sangster
1st Time Pass
Thanks Alan, for your instructions and patience during my driving lessons. You have made learning to drive a thoroughly enjoyable experience and you have built up my driving confidence massively. I will certainly be recommending you to others for their driving lessons.

Olujimi SofelaOlujimi Sofela
1st Time Pass
Alan was really patient with me when was learning and really helped me to become more confident in my driving skills and in the understanding of what mistakes I was making and how to correct them. Thank you and I am recommending him to anyone that wants to learn how to drive.

Hannah GlenHannah Glen
I would highly recommend Alan as a driving instructor, he was very patient with me and boosted my confidence after I had a rubbish experience with my previous instructor. I cannot thank Alan enough for helping me pass my test!

Georgia WalkerGeorgia Walker
1st Time Pass
Alan is a very knowledgeable and dedicated instructor. I feel I am now a confident driver, with Alan to thank for helping me develop through my learning.

Jessica Gordon Jessica Gordon
1st Time Pass
I found Alan a very patient and experienced driving instructor, he was very calm during all the lessons and put a give effort in helping me to gain confidence and helping in areas I found difficult. Alan explained very well the mistakes I made and how to improve on for the next time, which helped me a lot and I would recommend Alan to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thank you for your help!.

Fraser DonnellyFraser Donnelly
1st Time Pass
My time learning to drive with Alan were beyond expectations, his calmness when mistakes were made and his well explained instructions allowed me to pass my test. Thank you for making me feel confident whilst driving and I hope many more successful pupils will follow

Tom HolmesTom Holmes
I found Alan to be a very professional instructor who had lots of patience whilst teaching me my manoeuvres and roundabout discipline. He has great methods of teaching you to feel confident in your own abilities and i will be recommending Alan to any friends and family that need to learn to drive in the future knowing they will be in good hands.

Demi MannDemi Mann
Passed 1st time
I have had an impeccable experience with Alan as an instructor, he was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable and calm, he taught me brilliantly and I went on to pass my test first time, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Liam MiddletonLiam Middleton
I found the semi Intensive course was ideal to quickly get my driving skills up to scratch. Alan delivered the lessons in a clear, articulate and concise manner which quickly settled any lingering nerves with no lack of patience shown for the inevitable mistakes made as a learner. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan as an ideal instructor to build ones skills and confidence behind the wheel.

Alex HamptonAlex Hampton
Alan was a very good instructor for me. He was very patient with me at times where I struggled and taught me everything in a very simple manner. I would highly recommend him as he teaches you everything very quickly and efficiently.

Vicky MunroVicky Munro
Passed 1st time
I have just passed my driving test after having lessons from Alan and have really enjoyed becoming a confident driver. I would highly recommend Alan as he was always patient and willing to explain anything I didn't understand. He made sure that I was ready for my test in time and built up my confidence on the road. This resulted in me passing my driving test first time and becoming a safe and independent driver!

Lynette ForbesLynette Forbes
Alan was a top class instructor, who has a very calm, attitude and finds the best way to teach depending on what you need. I found his way of teaching manoeuvres to be excellent and he built my confidence at roundabouts greatly. If your looking to pass with a feeling of pride take your lessons with Alan, you will not be disappointed and he is a very patient and kind gentleman. Thank you again Alan for helping me pass with a great result!

Lai Yee OrbellLai Yee Orbell
Passed 1st time
Alan was recommended to me through friends at school who had passed their tests thanks to his help and expertise.  On my first lesson with Alan I was very nervous, however, he approached the lesson with a calm and reassuring manner delivering clear instructions and directions to put me at ease. I found this  continued throughout my lessons and I subsequently passed my test first time with 0 minors! I will definitely be recommending Alan to my other friends in the area.

Khali FraserKhali Fraser
Passed 1st time
Alan has helped me become a very confident driver which helped me pass my test first time. He is a brilliant instructor and highly recommend him to any new learner driver. Thanks so much you helped me along the way.

Donna Brand - Aberdeen
Alan taught me to drive from the start. I always felt at ease with him, he was always calm and patient and I would recommend him to anyone wishing to take driving lessons.

Angela Farquharson - Aberdeen
Excellent driving instructor. really built up my confidence in the car.

Jason Peden - Aberdeen
I Found Alan to be very friendly, patience and professional. I will admit I was very nervous to begin with, as I hadn't had a driving lesson in 3 years and had also picked up some bad habits. After meeting Alan, and having my first lesson I felt relaxed, more able to learn and also able to home on the skills that were needed to be brought up to test standard. I would recommend Alan to anyone and everyone.

Neil Groat - Aberdeen
I found Alan when looking for a week long driving course to fit between my summer job and University. He discussed my options and we agreed on a course that suited. Alan is a great instructor, very patient and helped greatly with test day nerves. I can't recommend his teaching highly enough.

Oliver Hamlet - Kingswells
I found Alan was a very good instructor. His teaching of the various parts of driving was well delivered, and his explanations were easy to understand. While I was driving, he gave directions in a clear, concise and calm manner, which was reassuring, and helped me learn a lot faster and better than I otherwise would have. Alan's certainly a top choice if you're learning to drive.